Framtid Nynäsham

Jag har tackat ja till att vara medarrangör med Patric Lindgren för Framtid Nynäshamn. Ett jätte kul uppdrag och hoppas det kan leda till många positiva förändringar! För er som vill komma så är första forumet den 25 Januari kl 19 i Nynäshamn. Ni kan också följa gruppen här: nedan en liten berättelse om syftet med detta forum. Hoppas vi ses nästa vecka  – Hälsningar, Aline Varre

Framtid Nynäshamn 
Öppet forum för en hållbar samhällsutveckling

Visionen​ för Framtid Nynäshamn är att genom öppna forum hitta ​positiva lösningar ​för både invånare, företag, organisationer och institutioner i Nynäshamns kommun.

Missionen​ är att arrangera ett öppet forum varje månad. Ett forum där alla är välkomna att delta och allas röster kan bli hörda, oavsett vem man är. Ett forum för människor som vill vara med och påverka för att skapa förbättringar inom en rad olika områden i vår kommun.

Varje forum kommer att ha ett särskilt tema och vi kommer att bjuda in personer, föreningar eller företag som på olika sätt kan bidra med både fakta och inspiration.

Genom dessa öppna forum ska vi tillsammans lyfta fram eventuella problem eller frågeställningar. För att skapa konstruktiva samtal och diskussioner, rekommenderar vi följande ordning som grund för dina/era frågor eller förslag.
1. Berätta om ditt/era problem eller frågeställning 2. Berätta om bakgrunden och förklara med fakta/innehåll vad som orsakat situationen
3. Berätta om du/ni eventuellt önskar hjälp med att hitta en lösning 4. Berätta om vilka förändringar du/ni önskar ska ske. Med tydliga mål är det lättare att skapa en positiv förändring.

Forumen är och kommer att hållas politiskt oberoende för att alla ska kunna göra sina röster hörda som invånare i vår kommun. Därför får t.ex. partipolitiska ideologier inte lyftas fram i frågor, samtal eller diskussioner. Och självklart gäller även nolltolerans för personliga påhopp och rasism.

Välkommen att gå med i gruppen Framtid Nynäshamn. Här kan du själv bestämma när, var och hur du vill engagera dig.
Det viktigaste för oss är “viljan”. Om det finns en vilja att aktivera sig och bygga broar där alla kan delta och dela med sig av sina kunskaper och erfarenheter, kan vi tillsammans göra skillnad och bidra till en hållbar samhällsutveckling i Nynäshamns kommun. Både idag och i framtiden.

Bästa hälsningar,
Patric Lindgren och Aline Varre
“Det är roligare att fokusera på lösningar”

#framtidnynäshamn #positivalösningar


Starting 2018 with a Bang!

Finally I am back 🙂 We spent Christmas at my fathers house in Portugal, it was so great seeing all the family and the cousins playing like crazy!

So I felt rested and was ready to start 2018 with a bang! My first week I landed a great new client for Positive People At Work. Super excited and I will share more about them later.

Then suddenly it said bang!! And it was not a good bang….my back went into lockdown. So it has been a very slow last 10 days. Well on the positive note I have found a new respect for people with chronic pain! I actually have many of my clients whom I treat with chronic pain, and I have to say after 10 days with lots of pain I have no idea how they keep working and keep having a smile on their faces. So give people you know with any pain an extra hug, because they are truly super heroes!

I got a funny comment the other day that I look like the Pisa Tower haha. So I just wanted to share a picture of my wonderful posture at this moment.

On this note I can not recommend more that keep focusing on your posture at all times, and if you start getting pains get help right away! You do not want to end up like myself 🙂 I don’t want to blame anyone but in my fathers house they have only stone floors….and every time I am there I end up getting problems with my back. Next time I will bring some super shoes that hopefully will help my back 🙂

And we all know we look happier and healtier and stronger with a great posture.

All the best,


Launch Positive People At Work – Event Team

About one year ago the idea of Positive People At Work became a vision. And after a lot of work, we finally launched our Event Team on the 25th of November 2017. We have done some smaller event jobs and reqruitments during this year, but what happened on the 25th represents everything we had as a vision.

Positive People At Work was hired by the amazing event company: Experianza AB owned by Annika Brantingson. I am so impressed how professional they were, and I hope we will get more chances to work with them. The event we worked at was no other then Consid AB doing their amazing Considgalan at the Stadshuset in Stockholm.

The last 3 pictures were taken by the super positive amazing photographer Bingo Rimer!! We had the chance to talk with him before the event and he truly lifted my team to another level. The picture he took of some of us truly represents Positive People At Work 🙂

To put together a team is not always easy. But we have been so lucky to have found the people whom are now part of Positive People At Work. I love the idea to always start with finding the people with the right attitude first, then look at their skills. With our team now I feel more confident that our company will become what we have hoped for. Positive People At Work will only succeed if we have the right team with us, and I am so confident that we have found just the right people 🙂

I am humble to all good things happening in my life right now, it feel like the golden door has opened and vision after vision are becoming reality 🙂




Full day in the clinic today. But my day started with a visit from a film crew. One of my clients is in a TV show and today they wanted to film while she got a reflexology treatment!! So much fun 🙂

Reflexology is well known in the US and UK for example, but not so much in Sweden…yet! So I hope more people will try it. I love giving this treatment because it truely gets amazing results, specially to reduce stress! I do believe stress is the source to many of “illnesses” we have today. So when you remove stress it gives our body a chance to “heal” itself in a more natural way.

I will write more about the benefits of reflexology, but now I have a new client 🙂 So I hope you will also have a wonderful day! Hugs, Aline


A knock on the door, I open. There is a gentleman I have never met. He said that him and his wife just wanted to say thank you, and wanted to give me some flowers. Right now I feel so overwhelmed, and very humble. I started to fight for my town…but it has turned into a fight for democracy, honestly, respect and being humble. A fight to encourage more people to stand up for what they believe in, also dare to shine. So thank you for the flowers, you just gave me more encouragement ???? #powerofpositivity

Stand up for what you believe in.

One morning I read an article and the headline said: “Nynäshamn municipality will buil a new large district” I kept reading the article and I soon realized they were talking about building a new “City” in our little town. The goal was to build 7000-10000 new households, which would be the home for 25.000 new people. Just to give you an idea what our town Segersäng looks like here is a video.


Today Segersäng is a small town with 250 households, we are about 700 people living here. The vision of Segersäng has always been to build the “The future Country Town” – For those whom knows Astrid Lindgrens stories you will understand the definition of “Bullerbyn”. That is our lives today. We live in a very unique place, most of the houseolds have children, the children are safe and run around in our town free as they should be. The majority of the “grown ups” are between 30-45 years old. We have chosen a lifestyle which this town provides, we do have a trainstation and we have a kindergarden. Thats it. It takes about 35 minutes to drive to the city of Stockholm, and 50 min with the train. But the lifestyle of living so close to nature makes it worth the commute. I just wanted to tell you what we are trying to protect 🙂


Then comes another interview and our leader of the municipality say that he has spoken to the people in Segersäng and we are positive to the idea of building a new city…

The problem was….they had actually not asked anyone!!

From that day (about 2 months ago) until today I started to fight for our little town. I did research, I did questionnairs asking what the the people wanted, and to no surprise very few wanted a new city. But the majority would not mind our town becoming a little bigger, building the same way we have it today. We have actually been waiting for the municipal to give the all clear to build 200 new houses, the building company was ready. The hold up was all the relics they found in the area. Funny how the relics suddenly is not a problem…..

But to understand how they could just suddenly change their vision from “the future town” to “the future city” with no clear majority behind them, without asking anyone. I started contacting other politicians to get help. To understand how the democracy in our Municipal works. And it turns out that 5 x political parties are also against a new city. They believe we should build more in Nynäshamn City, build more in each town we have, so the whole municipal grows slowly and steady and with a plan. Anyhow because it is election next year, the fight started with comments like “If you say no to a new city, you also say no to development”!! Well in my view…if you say no to a new city (in the woods) you say yes to development, just have another vision. The crazy part is that in 6 weeks our municipal wants our Town Hall to vote if we should make a “letter of intent” with our government to build a new city. The problem is that still today no one knows what this “letter of intent” is. Still waiting to find out….


So I was wondering…what can I do to make everyones voices heard? How can we let the people speak with our politicians directly?  And not rely on the media to inform us. Then came the idea to organize a meeting. And to organize a political meeting (which I have never done) and with no budget, was a challenge. And I needed help 🙂 Well first I needed to find a location. So I did, and we got a private donor to actually pay for the location. Then I wanted to film this historical moment. So I asked Roger Thorsell and Annika Dahlberg whom own if they could film for free 🙂 and they said ofcourse yes and brought a whole set of proffesionals whom also did this for free!! So suddenly we had a proffesional lighting and sound and film crew for the event. We needed som coffee and cookies, and a local store Ica Stormarknad Ösmo said they would provide that for free! Then we needed some extra tables and linnen, and Hotell Körunda said ofcourse also yes to helping us. I wanted some flowers and plants to create a nice environment, and our local flower store said “No problem” and lend us what we needed for free. Then I also got help from my friends Stefan Johansson and Kim Tell to set up and clean up. To my partner Stefan whom took care of our family so I could use my time to organize this. And also a big thank you to Katharina Wallenborg whom also said yes to be our Moderator for free, and she did a fantastic job.  I am so grateful for all of those people whom made this possible. And they stand behind me when I say we figth for #Democracy, #Honesty, #Respect, #Openness and #Humility.


On the 19th of November 2017. 8 out of 10 Political parties came! 45 people had signed up, but over 90 people showed up. All the parties got a chance to explain what they think and what their visions were. But most importantly we the people got the chance to ask the questions. I will share some videos later (still being edited) but I am proud to say, it was a very successfull event!!


We have also started a group on Facebook on the topic about Segersäng.and the discussions are plenty 🙂


My passion in life in general is to help others to shine. Make people realize that we all have a value, we all have the power to stand up for what we believe in!! And the best way to do it is with a positive attitude 🙂

Here is a copy of a post I did on Facebook on the 16th October 2017 – Well I now know how I should use my voice 🙂

“This is just before I was invited to listen to a local political party. When you raise your voice to something that seems unfair, you also come to a point where you have to decide is it worth it? Is it worth your time to keep fighting? We like to believe that we live in a democracy, when you find out that you actually don’t. Because those in power does not expect someone to actually do something. I was very happy to meet a group of people whom has been fighting for years. I applaud them for not giving up. Now my mind is wondering what can we do next? How can we make a difference that actually makes where you live a better place, encourage more people to stand up to things that matter? As a dear friend of mind keep saying #bepartofabiggergame I like to believe every voice can make a difference. Not sure how to use mine yet. I guess more to come ?”

The last goodbye…

What would your last words be if you knew it was the last time you would speak to someone? Today is the funural of an old friend. We went to high school together, and we thought we had a special bond since we were born on the same day, 30 May 1978. He was such a positive person and very kind and a bit naughty 🙂 when I think of him I smile because I only have good memories. After highschool life went on and we have not actually spoken or seen each other for the last 20 years. Still I am very sad that he is no longer with us, sad that he passed away so young, sad that his wife and children no longer have him in their life. Life is truly unfair sometimes....

My friend Linda just called me and as promised she has bought a white rose from me to put on his casket. I live to far away but through her I can also say my last goodbye. She just asked me what I would like her to say.... I said: Thank you Karl for all the laughter!! Because those would be my last words if I had the opportunity to say goodbye in real life. 

It reminds me that we all should think about our actions, think about how we speak to each other. Because the reality is, we never know if it will be the last time. So if you argue, if you say something that is not nice. Ask yourself if it is worth it? Are those the last words you want to say? If not take the time to find a way to say something nice instead, take the time to become friends again...


Take smalls steps each day to get the big results.

The truth is we all would like to get the results quickly. And of course, sometimes it happens. But I do believe that if you want the big results you need to take hundreds or thousands of small steps to get the results you want.

If you have a goal to loose weight, it is not the one-time change that will get you the result. It is all the small changes you make each day. Walk a little longer, eat a little bit less, eat a little bit healthier, start to lift a little bit heavier. So it is the small steps that will eventually get you the big result.

Let’s say you have a great product that will actually make a difference in peoples lives. It doesn’t help anyone if they don’t know about it. And to let everyone know about it quickly can cost you a lot of money. But you can also take small steps with social media that are free and each day try to be creative on how to reach your target market. Each post on Facebook or Instagram, each article you write one google + or Linkedin can help you tell the world about your product.

So many small steps you can take each day to eventually reach your goal. So take action and have fun at the same time 🙂


Is it true?

I wrote my second article which was published today. I wrote it because I kept reading news that was not based on any truth whatsoever  It is in Swedish but here is my translation 

Is it true?

This is the question we all maybe should ask before we speak or write a post or an article. 
Especially those that represent a political party or an institution. You can write that you wonder about something, that you are speculating or that you believe something. But when you make a statement as if it is the only truth, then you should take the time to investigate if it is really true.

The question «Is it true?» is something I ask every time I read something, and I try and do some research to find out. But sometimes it takes a lot of time and it is not always so easy to find out, other times is super easy because you just ask the people that are involved if it is true?

I wish that in the future we don’t mix the truth with speculations.

As you might have read in Nynäshamn Posten, we have invited all the political parties to a «Dialog Meeting» regarding Segersäng. There we will be able to hear their visions and we can stop guessing or speculating. The different parties will be able to present what they believe could be a good solution on how to develop our Municipal for the future. One thing is certain, and that is that there is NO party that is against any development in our Municipal. I have researched this myself simply, I sent them an email and asked.

I will keep fighting for a future municipal that will be governed by Democracy, Openness, Respect, Honesty, Humility, Sustainability and Innovation. Whom would like to be a part of that journey?

#Nynäshamn #Demokrati #Ärlighet #Respekt #Ödmjukhet #Öppenhet#Hållbarhet #Innovation

#Democracy #Openness #Respect #Honesty #Humility #Sustainability #Innovation

I love you, but….

I believe you should say what you mean.

When I read or listen I have started to look out for the word “but”. Because it is used so often after someone make a statement.

For example, if you truly love someone, you should say “I love you”

and not say “I love you, but……” because the but usually represent a condition. And loving someone should not be based on conditions.

Or when companies tell you somethings are free, there is also usually a “but” afterward.
“It is free for a month, but……”

So why not just tell it as it is? Why make it so complicated? 🙂

Maybe start using the word “because” instead.

I love you because you inspire me every day to become better!

It is free because we think you deserve it!

Let’s try and have a day and not use the word but after you say something 🙂